MF-100-48 New Full Automatic Cap Compression Molding Machine

(High Pressure and High Speed)

◇Advanced hydraulic system pressurized module, which is with more advantage.

◇This machine is with matched computer control and cooling system, achieving best cooling for mould.

◇Low energy consumed, high speed and high precise, suitable for mass production of high quantity cap.

◇Full automatic computer control, easy operation, less floor space and labor saved.

◇We can install inspection system according to your requirement on the machine for unqualified cap inspection and deleting.
Technical parameters

MF-100-48 Full Automatic High Speed Cap Compression Molding Machine

 Main cap diameter:  25-38mm
 Max. cap diameter:   60mm
 Min. cap diameter:   15mm
 Max. capacity: 66000-75000pcs/hour (30/25 cap)
 Installation power: 45kw
 Heating power: 20kw
 Air pressure:  0.8mpa
 Air displacement: 1.2m3