48-Cavity automatic cap molding machine

Shorter cycle time,higher productivity and less power consumption

Caps produced on hydraulic cap molding machine has no gate tips,smooth on surface,easy for priting.

Quality of caps is far more consistent,stable grammage and uniform wall thickness.

Cap's weight can be adjusted the minimum grammage possible,lower costs.

Molds are easy to assembled and disassembled,quick mold changeover and less down time.

Optimized design,user-friendly touch screen control,adjustable speed of production.

Technical parameters


 The main cap diameter:  26-38mm
 Max. cap diameter:  60mm
 Min. cap diameter:  15mm
 Max. cap height: 30mm
 Max.productivity(about 30*20mm): 43000-50000 pac/hour
 Installed electrical power: 60kw(50Hz)
 Consumed eldectrical power:  48Kw
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