36-Cavity automatic cap molding machine

◇The machine adopts a hydraulic pump as power. Compared with the traditional spring and plastic injection,the pressure larger and more well-distributed,the transmission is more stable and faster.Cap looks more beautiful,the internal structure is more solid and beneficial to improve the service life of moulds.

◇The machine is equipped with a set of computerized automatic temperature controll and extruder molding machine speed matching system.It can adjust the temperature of moulds and materials to a best condition,thus make the equipment durable and stable.

◇It is easy operate and economize the cost of energy,water,raw material and labors.Compared with plastic injection at the same consumption,the output can be increased three times.Therefore it can greatly reduce the cost of cap making.
Technical parameters

 The main cap diameter:  26-38mm
 Max. cap diameter:  60mm
 Min. cap diameter:  15mm
 Max. cap height: 30mm
 Max.productivity(about 30*20mm): 22000-27000 pac/hour
 Installed electrical power: 45kw(50Hz)
 Consumed eldectrical power:  35Kw
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